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Neuroscience is the next big thing.

Neuroscience is today what nutrition was 50 years ago. Back then, the general population began to adopt technical concepts restricted to the medical community such as saturated fat, HDL (the good cholesterol) and triglycerides. Our general knowledge has evolved, and we take for granted information, such as minerals (zinc)… Read More

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What is stress?

Summary: stress is an organism’s reaction to anything that shifts the body out of its allostatic state. More importantly, stress is a survival mechanism orchestrated by the brain. Stress responses have evolved to save you from external threats by adapting to different set points. Introduction… Read More

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Stress can save your life.

Summary: The understanding of evolution is key to all branches of modern biology. The interplay between replicators (genes), vehicles (the body) and the environment explains why some species have adapted to a particular environment and could not thrive somewhere else. Moreover, stress is what indirectly… Read More